The Development Of PPE Project

Posted on Mar 03,2021

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Since the outbreak of the epidemic in the early of 2020, in response to the national call for resuming work and production, our company establish Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in March 2020.

We make active preparations, set up mask production equipment line in March, and completed the 100,000-grade dust-free aseptic workshop in April.

With the resumption of domestic work and production gradually stabilizing, the epidemic situation in foreign countries appeared in full outbreak.

In May, we began to actively expand international business, mainly serving for Germany, France, the United States, Japan and so on.

In order to achieve long-term and stable development in the field of epidemic prevention industry, our company also applied for corresponding certification qualifications during this period.

At the beginning, the PPE team are mainly produced masks for domestic and foreign markets. Such as adult/child masks, medical masks, KN95 masks, etc.

At present, in response to market demand, the products are not limited to mask products. We expand our product line, for example, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, nitrile glove, isolation gowns, protective clothing, goggles, etc. Supply all PPE product on one-stop.

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