Wearable Air Purifier Keep Every Breath Fresh

Posted on Mar 15,2021

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As airpollution in cities is getting worse, the demand for air purifiers isincreasing. Wearing a mask outside and turning on an air purifier at home have becomestandard actions for most people. Is the air purifier really effective? Whatdifficulties can it solve for us? 

1. Solvethe problem of pollen allergy.

Duringthe high incidence of pollen, symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, wateryeyes, and nasal congestion are all symptoms of pollen allergy.

2.Filter pet dander and hair

If youhave a pet, there will inevitably be pet dander and fine hair in your home.

3.Eliminate peculiar smell and particles in home

Cookingsmell and smoke smell are very common problems in apartment.

If youlive not too far from highways or industrial areas, automobiles and industrialactivities can release dangerous particles.

4. Moveto a new house

The newhouse will be filled with pollutants and chemicals for a long time afterconstruction is over.Aworkman must first sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well. A high-qualityair purifier can help you reduce allergic reactions, sleep better, and improve yourand your families’ health. Comix Wearable Air Purifier, cleverly reduces thesize of the air purifier, can be worn with you. With an interior cover filtersheet, it can be used during exercise, at home, and in the office, purifyingthe air for you at any time!


01、3D cutting

Designedaccording to the human facial curve, fit facial contours

02、Double-layer protective structure

Theouter cover is strong and light, which gently fits the facial contours andresists environmental aggressions. The inner filter adopts a 360° adaptive closedcircle to filter the air deeply, effectively blocking the pollution particlesabove PM0.3

03、Fresh /cool breath

Designed according to aerodynamics, 3D aircabin helps quickly emit carbon dioxide

Usean infrared camera to take a picture of the real-time temperature inside the mask.

Thehigher the temperature (red), the stronger the sultry feeling

Blueindicates a comfortable body temperature

04、Seven-layer protection structure

Multi-material composite structure, layer bylayer filtering, effectively blocking all kinds of pollution. 

Product parameter

Product name: wearable air purifier

Product model: L737

Rated voltage: DC 3.7V

Rated power: 0.4W

Product net weight: 56G

Quality standard: Q/QX 145-2020

Main materials: technical textile fabrics,melt blown fabric, non-woven fabric, PC, electronic components

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