Comix 2020 Monthly Planner is accepting reservations

Posted on Sep 20,2019

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Record laughter, you may be more and more hopeful about life;

Record sadness, maybe it will slowly fade away;

Recording is a simple and romantic way.

This is the original intention of our development of the monthly planner


From now on, learn to manage time, and plan your dreams, then make every day a fulfilling one. Instead of worrying about the passage of time, it is better to walk in front of it and give life to it.


The network has brought a lot of time and space convenience for young generation. However, it has also reduced the romance of reading letters like previous generation. If you like to record precious memories in your life, which is really a meaningful thing. Let the Compera 2020 monthly planner help you leave the mark of time.

Establish a time management mindset, record every day in a planned and efficient way, clearly know what you did every day. Reflect on yourself from the record, sum up experience and lessons. When you are resting, sit on a soft sofa, record your mood, and write down your plan (Day Plan + Month Plan + Year Plan). Life changes a little bit by a little bit. You will see that every page is brand new.

God has given each of us the same time, why some people have clear goals, and some people are vain, just to see how you arrange time. Compera 2020 monthly planner can help you build a good time management thinking.

Open the planner, you learn to summarize, think, record;

Close the planner, you learn to learn, self-discipline, introspection;

The planner let us know how to better manage ourselves.


A little change is better than nothing. Now with us, walk in front of time by using the 2020 planner!

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