Comix Group's 10th Anniversary Celebration of Listing 1123 Employees Participated

Posted on Oct 22,2019

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On October 21, 2019, the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Comix Group's listing was officially opened in Shenzhen. This celebration was completed by connecting the 25 sub-meeting venues of the country with the cloud video conferencing platform, achieving 1,123 people celebrating together!

At 15:00 in the afternoon, all employees signed in for admission and the celebration officially began. First, the chairman Qinpeng Chen read a family letter to express reflection, gratitude and outlook of the decade. He summed up the past ten years of the Comix Group and thanked to the courageous and progressive members of the big family, they were hand in hand to overcome difficulties. We are grateful to our partners, they helped us to grow. In the future, he said, we must focus on employees, customers, and suppliers’ interests, and regard this the core concept of business operations.

Then, CEO Chuan Chuan introduced the group's future development strategy to the family. He said: In the next ten years, we will continue to strengthen the main business, expand the platform. We aim at creating a multi-service, multi-scenario, multi-format collaborative diversified enterprise-level service platform. Becoming a leading enterprise service platform in China through personalized service. He hopes that all the people work together to open a better future.

Subsequently, executives from the self-owned brand marketing department, the B2B business department, the international business department, Shenzhen Inpor Computing Co., Ltd(the well-known cloud computing product and service provider in China, belongs to Comix Group)  and the Hangzhou Maimiao Network Technology Co., Ltd (the leading e-commerce technology service provider in China, also belong to the Comix Group) came to the stage, interacted with each subsidiary of the division through cloud video, and together send the most sincere wishes.

Up to now, the speeches of the core leaders not only revealed the hardships and struggles in the past, but also expressed their great vision and heartfelt blessings for the future, they won the applause from the scene.

After the meeting, employees from different departments and different ages brought wonderful performances, including innovative product catwalks, passionate poetry readings, and warm chorus. Behind every scene and applause, it reflects the extraordinary creativity and strong cohesiveness of Comix staff.

At 20:00 in the evening, the 10th anniversary celebration ended in a laughter and hope. We are gratified and proud of the past glory and achievements. Looking forward to the future, the 10th anniversary of the listing is a new starting point and journey. We will continue to forge ahead, continue to innovate, and build up our strength. We will continue to forge into the next decade with a new attitude and make more contributions to the progress of the industry. Go ahead, the future can be expected!

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