A Letter To Foreign Friends

Posted on Feb 22,2020

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Dear Foreign Friends,

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the people from all parts of China have united as one and resolutely curbed the spread of the epidemic. With the efforts in the previous stage, everything now is under effective control and the situation in China is quite stable already. We have entered a new stage of precision prevention and control of epidemic and resumption of production. During this period, we have received full support from our foreign friends. Thus, please allow us to express our sincere thanks to you all!

On February 12, Comix Group officially resumed production, marking the start of a brand-new 2020. In order to ensure the smooth resumption, Comix has set up a special team to coordinate epidemic prevention work, actively purchase epidemic prevention materials, unite to fight the epidemic, and make full preparations to resume production.

With the employees back to work in batches and the machines in the workshop in operation again, the team fully implements the prevention and control measures every day. They inspect people who enter the factory area, coordinate disinfection supplies, make sure employees avoid peak hours to dine, strengthen the disinfection frequency of dormitory and set up isolated area, to ensure the safety of personnel and production.

After more than a week of operation, factories of Comix Group and its subsidiaries have returned to normal situation. The workshops and production lines operate in batches with efficiency. Logistics vehicles are constantly shuttled on the road, the production capacity is gradually restored to the usual level. Our communication with clients is also normalized.

Working with foreign friends for many years, Comix respects the cooperation with and security of every customer. We arrange the resumption as soon as possible, and strive to reduce the impact of the epidemic on global product supply. At this special time, we adhere to strict protection principles, conduct daily temperature monitoring, wear masks and other personal protective suit to provide you with more secure service. Except that, the warehouse is regularly sterilized and disinfected, distribution packaging is also with comprehensively strengthened disinfection to ensure the safety of every inch so we can bring the most assured experience to each customer.

      We will do our best to strive for the timely and safe delivery of orders currently in hand. At the same time, friends from all over the world are welcome to place orders in advance so that we will have more time for your accurate follow-up delivery requirements.

The epidemic is temporary and friendship is permanent. We are willing to overcome the difficulties and work together with our foreign friends to create new prosperity in 2020!

Shenzhen Comix Group Co., Ltd

Comix (HK) Limited

The International Department

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