Comix has gotten great attention on the 2018 Contain Fair

Posted on Nov 07,2018

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The 124th China Import and Export Fair has ended on November 5th. Authoritative data shows that a total of about 190 thousand of buyers from more than 200 countries and regions came to the fair. And the export turnover was nearly US$30 billion. More than 600 importers from over 30 countries and regions took part in the Contain Fair, focusing on international brands, high-end intelligence, high-tech content and products suitable for the Chinese market.


This year, Comix' s booth is in full compliance with the concept advocated by the Canton Fair organizers, “green, environmentally friendly, and economical”. The green design not only reduced solid waste and construction cost, but also improved the structure’s safety factor. Finally, we achieved a good on-site display effect.

The four-sided open design provided a good view, customers could be attracted to Comix products no matter which direction they pass by.

The color used in the booth was in line with the brand image. Red gives a calm and decent feeling, making customers feel the capability of Comix as a listed company. Besides, the bright color was more eye-catching. Customers who are familiar with Comix could see our booth at the entrance on the second floor. They didn't have to waste time on other booths that cannot meet their needs. They could walk straight to ours and talk with us.


This year we exhibited six categories of products. Including Filing Products, Office Equipment, Desktop Stationery, Paper & Notebooks, Writing Instruments, Desktop Stationery. We put new arrivals and best-selling products in the outermost position to attract customers' attention. The most popular Filing Products were displayed on a full wall to help customers know what our main product category is.


In the Canton Fair, we have brought a lot of new products, which can bring you the feeling of innovation, precision manufacturing and comfort in terms of appearance and function. During the exhibition, the new product area attracted many customers.


On the first day of the exhibition, our products had already attracted so many customers. With our salesmen’s warm and thoughtful help, customers exchanged their business cards with us sincerely. And we were glad to see that they were willing to sit down to have a further negotiation. After communication, many customers asked for a photo with our salesman.

After five days’ exhibition, a great many business cards were received, some customers even dealt on the spot and established cooperation with Comix on the basis of trust.

When we were back to company, the sales team and the marketing team held a meeting to discuss gains and loss. We celebrated achievements, found some work to be improved next year. It would lay the foundation for the next Canton Fair to be better organized.

Comix is looking forward to see you in the 2019 Spring Canton Fair.

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