Comix’ s Channel Strategy: One City, One Center; One District, One Franchise

Posted on Sep 15,2018

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“One city, one center; one district, one franchise” is the channel strategy of Comix Group. “One city, one center” means to establish and only establish one distribution center in one city. “One district, one franchise” is to establish a Comix 3.0-terminal store in district and county-level market. After more than 20 years of development, the image of Comix terminal store has gradually improved. Comix now has 30,000 terminal stores, from 2018 on, Comix will upgrade some of those to 3.0 version under the channel strategy of “One city, one center; one district, one franchise”.

The 3.0 terminal store is a brand-new image franchise store that creates a new shopping model of “product solution”. Comix Group displays products scientifically in the store according to customer's office scenario and product features. 

Comparing with our stores before, we have increased product categories and display planning. At present we provide multiple latitudes of support, including product properties, rationality of display, relevance of products, visual marketing, and so on. More and more partners have benefited from Comix 3.0 terminal stores, which not only improved their market position, but also made them the local industry benchmark, and helped them achieved double sales.

 Product layout

Photos of 3.0 terminal store

Subject display

Photos of 3.0 terminal store

Comix Group combines its standard manual of 3.0 terminal and channel strategy of “One city, one center; one district, one franchise” to build 3.0 terminal stores all over the country. In the first half of this year, we have established representative stores in more than 30 cities. Now, 3.0 terminal stores in district and county-level market are also being upgraded. Our team did a series of work, such as store measurement, sketch drawing, graphic design, shelf layout, lighting layout, and category planning, and so on. And it is our honor to receive a high recognition and praise from our partners.

Shanghai Distribution Centre

A 3.0 Terminal Store in Zizhong County, Sichuan Province

A 3.0 Terminal Store in Sanming city, Fujian Province

In 2018, we will adhere to the development strategy of “one city, one center; one district, one franchise”, continue to improve the layout of the 3.0 terminal, and work together with more office partners to achieve mutual benefits.

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