Pleasant Journey in Guizhou of Comix International Marketing Department

Posted on Sep 20,2017

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From September 16th to September 18th, partners from Qixin International Marketing Department enjoyed pleasant and relaxed journey in Guizhou. Our first destination was Zhaoxing Dong village, a village of ethnic minorities, where is the gathering place of Dong minority and people keep their primitive lifestyle here. Women, balancing their hairs on their heads, sit by the roadside and do embroidery. People living here are friendly with tourists, they are happy when tourists invite them to take photos together. 

In the evening, we enjoyed the performance about culture and history of Dong minority. Actors sang and danced joyously, vividly showing their lifestyles or allusions about agriculture and legends to us. Thanks to the opportunity to watch this program; we cannot help exclaiming the rich and centuries-old Chinese culture. 

On the second day, we went to see terrace. It took three and a half hours to arrive at such terrace which is far away from ordinary world. When we saw the scene, all of us thought the waiting was worthwhile. It was the first time for us to see such spectacular terrace. Brilliant sunshine shined over the golden paddy rice; the exuberant autumn scenery emerged in sight. We took out our cameras in succession to keep such wonderful moment. 

On the third day, we came to Basha, the only village of ethnic minorities which is allowed to hold guns in China. We were welcomed by the boom boom gunshot and got a fright by such unforeseen “surprise”. Villagers invited a man to act as bridegroom to perform wedding ceremony with a local girl.

The whole ceremony was filled with rich Chinese characteristics; the bridegroom and bride proposed a toast continuously to thank parents and the god. Then they walked to the crowd and distributed bride cake to people. Bride cakes were made from glutinous rice and wrapped by leaves. In Chinese traditional culture, eating bride cake will bring good luck.

We returned the city after visiting Basha. The journey in Guizhou was ended perfectly. Friendship and understanding between colleagues are promoted further. 

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